About Us


Mladen Ceramics Studio (or just "Mladen" as our long-time friends have been known us) was set up by Mladen Badelski in 2000. In the productsmenus of our site you shall find different kinds of cups, wall decorations, mugs, plates, clocks and magnets. Along with the pure functional usability, our products have also a high decorative value.


Ceramics is a thousand-year tradition that combines the connection between man and earth with the natural human pursuit of art. The earliest ceramic articles found on the Bulgarian lands date back to 9,000 years ago – they serve not only as dishes but also beautifully ornamented with graphic elements that we notice even on medieval Bulgarian plates.

Today, ceramics not only preserve some of our ancient traditions, but also revives the use of materials that are clean, non-toxic and completely safe to use.